CFSC’s committee have appointed two Covid Officers to concentrate on issues around Covid – Linda MacDonald, our Chairperson and Geoff Cooper, our President and Membership Secretary. If you have Covid specific queries please address them to

We are starting back swimming on Tues 4th August and for two weeks will swim just Tues and Thurs. All Club and Squad will get a chance to swim and you should all have received emails asking you for preferences. If you haven’t had anything then please check that your email is correct on Swim Club Manager and let us know. After the first two weeks we will assess demand and swimmer’s progress and hope to be able to open up more sessions.

You must read and understand the CFSC Protocol for swimming and Swim England’s guidance (the guidance for users pdf) before swimming. The SE guidance is generic and some parts will clearly not apply to swimming with the Club, please read it in conjunction with the CFSC Protocol.

Before you can swim you must read and agree the new Covid codes of conduct on Swim Club Manager. If you can’t agree to these please contact the Covid Officers.

We look forward to welcoming you back soon.

Link to CFSC’s risk assessment (review date 22-8-20)

Link to Covid Health Questionnaire for those who need to complete (see codes of conduct on SCM before using this form)