Complaints and comments

From time to time we all get a bit frustrated about things, but please go about airing your views in a respectful way:-

  • Facebook, or other social media, is not to be used as a method of raising complaints or for posting negative comments
  • If you have normal queries about coaching then the coaches will do all they can to help but don’t harass them or make repeated complaints direct – if there is a serious issue then use the complaints procedure below
  • Do contact the CFSC committee in writing via if you have a complaint or use the form below
  • All correspondence must be civil at all times

Remember, if you have a safeguarding issue please contact one of our Child Welfare Officers immediately

Your complaint or comment will be raised at the next committee meeting, which are normally on the first Wednesday of every month (exc Jan and August). All Members are reminded that they must comply with the relevant code of conduct at all times. Your complaint will be reviewed by the committee and appropriate action will be taken.

Urgent Complaints

If your complaint is urgent then please e-mail the secretary as above, marking it as urgent or raise the issue with a committee member who isn’t directly involved with the issue.