Committee & Staff

President: Alan Brown
Chairperson: Linda Macdonald
Vice Chairperson: Maria Novellino
Hon Secretary Martin Cooke
Hon. Treasurer: Kathryn Flanagan
Chief Coach: Graham Linley
Assistant Chief Coach: Joanne Hunt
Large Pool Coaches/Teachers Russ Crawford, Geoff Cooper, David Eminson, Karen Findley , Martin Cooke
Small Pool Teachers: Pam Attenborough, Dave Evans, Martin Cooke
Pre Development Teachers: Geoff Cooper and Martin Cooke
Supporters Committee Chairperson: Joanne Hunt
Fixture Secretary: Joanne Hunt
Membership Secretary: Geoff Cooper
Executive Committee: Linda Macdonald, Kathryn Flanagan, Martin Cooke, Geoff Cooper, Jo Hunt, Maria Novellino, Kevin Wootton, Russell Crawford, Emma Lawman, Anna Turnbull, Sarah Merryweather, Dave Abbott, Dominic Holder and Charlotte Clements
Child Welfare Officer: David Eminson
Gala Co-ordinators: Jo Hunt
SwimMark Officer: Anna Turnbull
Web Administrator: Martin Cooke
Notts ASA League Committee Members: Jo Hunt
Club Championship Co-ordinator:
Club Captains:  Meghan Henshaw & Ben Flanagan Club Captains 1979 to 2018
Vice Captains: Abbie Quarton & Tom Ward