Club Rules and Policies and H&S risk assessment

All members, parents/guardians and others associated with swimmers must adhere to the relevant code of conduct at all times. The executive committee will take appropriate action where a code of conduct is not adhered to and this could lead to membership being terminated in serious cases.

In all cases within documents for ASA read Swim England

CFSC code of conduct for Coaches and Teachers 2019

CFSC code of conduct for swimmers 2019

CFSC code of conduct for parents 2019

CFSC code of conduct for committee and volunteers 2019

CFSC Data Protection Policies

CFSC Constitution (Jan 2023 ongoing)

The following are pending review

CFSC & Swim England Policies

CFSC Mission Statement

CFSC Child Protection Policy    draft Safeguarding Policy Statement May 2021

CFSC Code of Ethics

CFSC Code of Conduct

CFSC Equity Statement

Determining Race Results

Recruiting Volunteers

Swim England Code of Ethics

Swim England Equity Statement

Health and Safety Risk assessment

Health and Safety Risk Assessment 25/8/21