Club Code of Conduct for Swimmers

Please can all swimmers refresh themselves with the code of conduct either they or their parent/guardian have signed to on their behalf.

Code of Conduct for Swimmers

As a Club we will not tolerate disrespectful behaviour towards coaches and other swimmers.

Disruptive (including regularly arriving late) and unruly behaviour whether in or out of the pool including outside the leisure centre will also not be tolerated.

If a swimmer behaves in this manner we will have no alternative but to restrict certain sessions and ask parents to stay and monitor the sessions they attend.

Can we also remind swimmers of the day to day rules that MUST be followed:-

  1. Treat your coach and fellow swimmers with respect.
  2. Make your coach aware if you have difficulties in attending training sessions as laid down for your squad.
  3. Arrive in good time on poolside before the training session starts to complete poolside warm up as directed by your coach.
  4. If you arrive late report to your coach before entering the pool.
  5. Ensure you have all your equipment with you, i.e. hats, goggles fins etc.
  6. If you need to leave the pool for any reason during training inform your coach before doing so.
  7. Listen to what your coach is telling you at all times and obey instructions given.
  8. Always swim to the wall as you do in a race, and practice turns as instructed.
  9. Do not stop and stand in the lane, or obstruct others from completing their training.
  10. Do not pull on the ropes as this may injure other swimmers.
  11. Do not skip lengths or sets – you are only cheating yourself.

Lets keep CFSC a happy and fun club for ALL our members whether swimming or volunteering.

Thank you – The Executive Committee